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4.03% APY

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Our interest rate is ~59x the national average and when the Federal Reserve increases rates, your interest rate will automatically increase with it. There are no minimum balance, spending, or deposit requirements1.

1% Cashback

all categories

Cashback doesn't need to be complicated. We give you 1% cashback, not points, on all categories when you spend on your debit card. That means more money in your account at the end of each statement period2.


with Envelopes

Managing your personal finances can be challenging, and everyone has their own unique needs. That's why we created a checking account with cash envelopes that can be used as flexibly as you need them to be.


Coming Soon

Our investment platform is built for long term wealth creation, not speculative gambling. Beat the market with a highly curated portfolio or construct your own with equities, ETFs, crypto, and alternatives using institutional grade tools and research.

Private Banking

Coming Soon

Simplify your life with Private Banking by Enzo. The service is so good you won't even need the Enzo app. Apply now for early access.

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