Spend. Save. Budget. Invest. All in one beautiful app.

Earn a market leading interest rate of 4.03% APY1, get 1% cashback2 on all of your card spend, and manage your finances effortlessly with powerful budgeting and investing tools. From our inception, we've aligned our incentives with yours so that when you're successful, we are too. Let's build wealth together.

4.03% APY.
No fees or requirements.

At Enzo, there are no separate savings accounts, spending accounts, or high yield accounts. Enzo is all of those in one letting you spend, save, and earn interest at the same time. Our interest rate1 is ~59x the national average, and when the Federal Reserve increases rates, your interest rate automatically increases with it. There's no minimum balance, and there are no monthly spending or deposit requirements. Just deposit your money, and watch it grow with interest.

1% cashback. On all categories.

Our cashback program lets you an earn 1% cashback2 (actual cash, not points) on all of your debit card purchases. Just spend with your favorite merchants, and at the end of each statement period, watch the cash flow back into your account. Really, it's that simple.

Budgeting that isn't restrictive and actually works.

Our envelopes are like virtual accounts that you can use to set money aside for specific purposes - like your monthly bills, savings for your dream home or vacation, or your play money. We believe there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to budgeting and personal finances, so we built this to be flexible and non-restrictive. Set up your monthly budget and we'll automatically split your paycheck into your envelopes the way you choose.

Earn cashback whenever you spend with the Enzo Card.

The Enzo Visa Debit Card comes in three shapes and can be used nearly anywhere card payments are accepted. The physical Enzo Card, the Virtual Card, and the Ghost Card were all designed to work seamlessly with your account and make it a little easier to take control of your personal finances.

Withdraw and deposit cash at ATMs nationwide. Fee free.

For those times when you need to use cash, access over 55,000 ATMs nationwide in the Allpoint network fee free. We may be digital first, but we know that sometimes you just need cash. Stop paying fees3 to withdraw and deposit your cash. It's your money. Use it for what you need, when you need it.

We don't profit off fees and we don't want to.

Americans pay on average $329 in bank fees every year. These incentives don't make sense and because of that, we changed our incentives to align with yours. We will never charge you with hidden fees and we don't make you jump through endless hoops to receive benefits. There are no minimum balances, no monthly spending or deposit requirements, and no fees.

Rest assured. Your account is insured $250,000 by the FDIC.

Your funds are entitled to up to $250,000 of deposit insurance coverage from the FDIC. Hopefully you'll never need, but if you do we have you covered.

Talk to a real human 24/7. Because no one likes bots.

We believe it's a privilege to have you as a member, and we aim to provide exception customer service at all times to find your solution. We may not have brick and mortars, but that doesn't mean you can't get help whenever you need it from a real human.